"The Technical Galleries Consolidation Project shall take care of remedying the existing issues and refurbish the galleries' conditions and their related infrastructure to the extend reasonably possible."






Project Overview


Technical galleries on the CERN sites of Meyrin and Prevessin have been built since the founding of CERN and according to the growing up of both sites. "Technical galleries" refer to premises located right below ground level (only shallow underground) and that do not contain beam lines or equipment strictly related to accelerators or experiments; trenches and buried networks are not included in the definition either. The galleries are used to distribute infrastructure services among the different areas and buildings on the sites.

A non-exhaustive list of existing services/installations located in the galleries is:

  • Civil engineering works and fire doors,
  • Heating network,
  • Drain systems,
  • Water circuits: drinking, raw, firefighting, demineralized and chilled,
  • Compressed air,
  • Sumps,
  • Cables: HV, LV, power sockets, optical fibers: controls, communication,
  • Lighting,
  • Access systems,
  • Gas pipes (helium, nitrogen,...),
  • Decommissioned systems (natural gas pipe in Meyrin, cables, ...).


The Technical Galleries Consolidation Program shall take care of remedying to the existing issues and refurbish the galleries conditions and their related infrastructure to the extent reasonably possible. In addition to the general improvement of the situation, the Program shall also aim at adapting the services to the present needs of the sites with a look at probable future expansions. Further improvement related to a better management of safety related aspects (accessibility to galleries, presence of dangerous material, reduction of existing risks) shall also be part of the scope.


The Technical Galleries Consolidation Program Coordinator will be responsible for the management for all activities within the scope of the Program. He will be in charge of:


  • the definition of the project structure, coordination of the different WPs ensuring agreement on the deliverables for each WP,
  • definition of priorities and action plan,
  • definition of schedule and its consequent monitoring,
  • allocation, monitoring and control of resources and budget according to the validated priorities,
  • seek for optimization of activities and intervention with respect to other projects at CERN having an impact on technical galleries (e.g.: NA consolidation, construction of the Prévessin Computing Center),
  • refine cost estimate with the advancement of the program, adapt or request complementary resources accordingly,
  • ensure respect of quality and state of the art practices and updating of the related documentation,
  • ensure respect of safety procedures throughout the program,
  • deal with deviations and ensure implementation of corrective actions upon approval of concerned stakeholders,
  • report monthly to EN Department Head on program advancement and to ATSMB on a 6 months basis.


Click here to view the complete Technical Galleries Consolidation project Mandate.

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